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Access Debate is an all-volunteer Federal 501(c)3 non-profit organization, EIN 46-4027259. This means your donation is fully tax-deductible (assuming it otherwise meets IRS deductibility requirements).

No goods or services are provided in exchange for donations.

Access Debate is entirely funded by donations from individuals. Because overhead is near zero, your entire donation goes toward supporting debaters and bringing new voices to Lincoln-Douglas debate.

You Make a Difference!

Donations of any size help! More specifically, your gift of:

$400 sponsors one debater for the season.
$230 flies an Access Debater to an out-of-state tournament. (Miles also help!)
$120 funds a tournament registration.
$75 pays for tournament accommodations (when free housing is not available).
$40 covers ground transportation for a tournament or incidental tournament costs incurred by a volunteer coach.

What Does My Gift Accomplish?

In its first year, 2014-15, Access Debate sent 24 debaters to over 43 national-bid tournaments including the Tournament of Champions. Since 2013, Access Debate has matched almost 100 students with top-level private coaches and sent debaters to over 43 national-bid tournaments they could otherwise not have afforded. Three Access Debaters have qualified for the national Tournament of Champions to date. This year, we have 38 students, already matched with top-tier volunteer coaches. Your donation gets them into action in the big leagues, by covering travel and registration costs.

We keep costs down! Our all-volunteer staff seeks free host- or shared (eg, when paying teams have spare hotel beds) housing whenever possible. And Access Debate is indebted to the many tournaments willing to waive or discount fees so Access Debaters can compete. Our overhead, by the way, is nearly $0, so your entire donation goes to work bringing new voices to Lincoln-Douglas debate.

We are a Federal non-profit 501(c)3 organization, so your gift is fully tax-deductible. (Read more on our FAQs page.)

Who Am I Helping?

Access Debaters (did we mention there are 38, now?) are bright, ambitious, low-income students who have found their way into Lincoln-Douglas debate — often against long odds (school lacks a team, team lacks a coach, coach lacks a travel budget…) — only to find themselves stuck: National circuit debate, while theoretically open to all, is out of reach for those with limited resources. It’s a sad irony, because the academic and personal benefits of high-caliber debate are obvious. (We know this personally, but data also demonstrate the benefits of debate as an anti-poverty vector.) Most students will draw all their lives on debate and debate networks not just intellectually, but socially and professionally, as well.

Your gift opens doors.

May We Thank You Publicly?

We appreciate your generosity and look forward to acknowledging it publicly. Want to specify how? Or to give in someone’s honor or memory? You can do all that in the donor-info form that pops up when you opt to donate by check or online or on this form if you’ve already donated.

Donate Laptops

Have an old computer you want to get rid of? Email us–we’ll take it! We’ll pay for shipping if you send it. Many of our students are still in need of laptops to use for research, at and before tournaments. Without computers at home, students stay after school and are disadvantaged in preparing for debate rounds.